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If you are passionate about building innovative products that solve problems and delight customers, then you'll love being part of our software development agency. We're always looking for new team members who share our enthusiasm for creating solutions to challenges both big and small. Our team is diverse, creative, and dedicated to building products that make a difference. Our collaborative and supportive environment encourages everyone to bring their unique skills, perspectives, and ideas to the table. 


Full-stack Developer
  • ReactJS / NextJS
  • Javascript
  • Node / Express
  • PostgreSQL
  • UI Libraries

As our Full Stack Developer, you'll be the code wizard who can conjure up brilliant applications on both front and backend playgrounds. You'll be crafting magical user experiences, slaying bugs, and juggling databases, while working in a dynamic team of tech wizards. From HTML to Node.js, you'll use your spellbook of coding languages to ensure our software projects are nothing short of enchanting. We love a bit of innovation and disruption - and if you do too, come join the fun!

UX Designer

As a UX Designer, you're a wizard behind the curtain, creating enchanting interfaces that feel like magic. You'll design stunning user interfaces, transform complex tasks into intuitive experiences, and sprinkle fairy dust on wireframes. Your mission? Craft pixel-perfect journeys that make our users smile and keep them coming back for more. Bring your wand and conjure up some user-centric magic!

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